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Helping families clearly understand and communicate their child's needs, collaborate effectively with their IEP team, and get their child the education they deserve

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Hi! I'm Diana, your IEP Coach. 


The first time I sat down in an IEP meeting for my autistic son, I was overwhelmed. The formal language, the unfamiliar terminology, the stacks and stacks of paperwork – it was too much. But I knew my son needed someone who understood his needs and could work with his team and the Special Education system to secure him the education and placement he deserved, so I researched, educated myself, and eventually became a Master IEP Coach®️.

And now I get to help families navigate the world of Special Education without the overwhelm, fear, and frustration. I help parents, grandparents, and guardians learn the lingo, communicate clearly with the IEP team, and collaborate to get the best placement and outcomes for their child. Writing an effective IEP and getting your child the placement and services they deserve is complicated, but you don't have to do this alone. I'm here for you! 


Ready to Navigate Special Education with Confidence?

I offer custom services to help you advocate for your child's specific needs. 

IEP Review

Professional deep dive into your existing IEP + report of findings

1-on-1 Coaching

Personalized advocacy + consulting customized to fit your needs

Meeting Attendance

Experienced advocate for support and guidance – virtual or in-person


Garland Family

It’s nice to know we have someone on our side when it comes to working with the educational team. Diana, we can’t thank you enough for your help and support!

Jenny D

As soon as Diana came on- the tone we got from [the school] changed boy got the exact placement we were hoping for and will be getting exactly what he needs this fall! I am so grateful. Thanks Diana!

Sara F

Diana spent time listening to what we wanted...The school resisted at first but Diana even made them relax and [my daughter] is now making progress!

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Develop Your Parental Input Statement

Parent Input is probably the most important part of an IEP and many parents don't realize they can write their own statement to be included.  This course will walk you through the process with short videos, a printable workbook and template.  I'll even include the audio file for listening on the go!

IEP Review +
BONUS 1:1 Video Chat and Parent Input Statement Template

A great place to start for highlighting IEP trouble spots and creating an action plan to make improvements.

Today's the day to take a step in the right direction for your child's future!

IEP Organizer Kit 
Everything in one place!

I see you with that stack of papers and sticky-notes.  I developed this system just for YOU!  A place for everything from the IEP, evals/testing, team contact info to communication log and So.  Much.  More.

BONUS Parent Input Statement Template!


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