How to develop a parental input statement that will bring purpose and direction to your child's IEP.

This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your child's IEP is designed to meet their needs and prepare them for the future.


Special needs parents...

 when was the last time you felt completely confident that your child was receiving the services and supports they needed in order to prepare them for further education, employment and independent living?

I don't mean confident they will make it to graduation.  I mean confident that their future possibilities are abundant, their goals can be attained, and your big dreams for them are realistic.

Right now you may be overwhelmed by the IEP process and worried your child isn't getting the supports and services they need to prepare for their future.  You think your input isn't necessary, important or valuable. 

You have NO idea what to ask for, how to ask or who to trust.  You feel your voice is unheard and your desires for your child are overlooked.  You long for better communication with the team and wish you could be more involved in your child's education.

It's not your fault.  You grew up being told to listen to educators, trust the school and the system. You may have been given misinformation and bad advice from friends, the school or other "experts".  Maybe you just didn't know that your input is actually a required part of your child's IEP.

Get Ready to Make Some Changes

This short course is a roadmap, designed to lead you through discovering what you want for your child, making decisions about their education and feeling confident asking for it. You will know your voice is heard and your opinion is valued. You will be confident about your position on the team. You will be excited about your child's future and your involvement in their success.

Developing A Parental Input Statement

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What I'll be teaching:

  • Why parental input is so important
  • How the information is used
  • What information should be included
  • Walkthrough demonstration and workbook for gathering the information
  • How to include your child's voice, even if they aren't able to express it themselves
  • How to put it all together, including an easy to use and read template

We'll wrap up by learning how to get the team to acknowledge your input and work with you in the most collaborative way. You'll see your child thrive in this new teamwork environment!  

I'm not just an IEP Coach

I'm also a mom that has been through the roughest of storms in this IEP process.

The hardest thing of all was not knowing that what I had to say had any bearing on my child's education or future. No one told me how important it was to get my voice into the IEP. I learned the hard way, but you don't have to.

After I started taking control of the process and making sure that what was important to me, as a parent, was important for the team I started seeing huge results!

I want more than anything to get those same results for you and your child. Whether you are just starting out in this process or have several years in, you can benefit from the clarity and enjoy the momentum gained through this course.

See you on the inside!


Estella K

The template Diana provides is worth the price of the course.  The real bonus was the videos and workbook.  It was like she held my hand through the whole thing.  Now I can update it any time I need!

Joe and Deanne S

It only took an evening to follow the course, I liked that all of the content was available from the start.  Easiest thing I could have done for my kid!  My son's teacher was super impressed with the written letter format too! 

Are you ready to get your voice heard?

Be a leader in your child's education.  Know you have made an impact in your child's future.