How can I support you?

Whether you are just beginning your journey into Special Education or you are a veteran, the process can be overwhelming at times.  My goal is to ensure your child is prepared for their future and receives the services and supports needed to get them there!

Professional IEP Review - $197


WHAT is an IEP Review?  An IEP Review is a deep dive into all areas of the IEP and includes a written report with recommendations of how to move forward.  You'll also receive a BONUS Parent Input Statement template which is an IEP game changer!

WHO needs an IEP or Records Review?   Anyone who wants to make sure the IEP is optimized to the unique needs of their child.  OR, anyone who is experiencing a breakdown in team communication or the way the IEP is being implemented.

HOW do I prepare for the review?  When you purchase the Review you will receive a link to schedule a call with me. I'll have you send a digital copy of the complete IEP, (which you can obtain from the school if you don’t have one or can be obtained by me with signed consent).  During the call we'll talk about your top 3 areas of concern, then you just relax and I'll get to work.  If I have any questions during the review I will contact you.

WHEN will my review be done?  I can usually have the review within 3 business days of our call.

WHAT if I need more than the IEP Review?  I also offer document reviews as well as complete record reviews.  Just contact me for the details!

1-on-1 Coaching - packages start at $357


WHAT is 1-on-1 IEP Coaching?  This is time devoted exclusively to helping you with any issues you have with the IEP process, communicating with the team, advocating for services, prepping for meetings, reviewing documents, etc.

WHO is IEP Coaching for?  Coaching is support and training for anyone that needs a little help.  I help you through the entire IEP process, from the initial evaluation, to IEP development, to placement decisions and everything in between.  I also offer consulting and advocacy for when problems arise, I can support you in communicating and negotiating with the school.

HOW are services provided?  There are 2 "Packages" available with up to 3 or 5 hours of billable service which includes all advocacy, coaching or consulting.  Such as, phone calls, emails and letters written on your behalf.  Research as needed for your particular case (general topic research is never charged to the client), IEP prep, coaching and consulting via email, phone or video.

WHEN can I use the time?  You have up to 12 months to use the time.  But you aren't limited to those hours.  When you need more time then we can renew easily!  Complicated cases may require more time, but you'll still continue to receive 100% of my efforts!

Meeting Attendance - $397


WHO should have a Coach at the IEP meeting?  Anyone can benefit from the added eyes and ears at the IEP meeting.  But if you aren’t sure about how the process works, are nervous about what to expect, feel intimidated by the team, need someone to speak up on your behalf, take notes or offer moral support then an IEP Coach is the perfect choice.

HOW do you attend the IEP meeting?  I will physically attend a meeting within 100 miles of my location.  For clients that are not local (or when otherwise required) I will attend via conference call or video conference.  I was attending IEP meetings remotely before it was cool. *wink*

WHAT is included in the cost of the meeting? – consultation and meeting prep, travel within 30 miles one way of zip code 15301 (mileage fee of $.50/mile over 30 miles 1 way applies), actual meeting time, and post meeting letter to the team thanking them and summarizing key points.

*If a follow up meeting is scheduled then hourly rates apply.  Billing is done in half hour increments for actual meeting time.  Additional mileage may apply.

Speaking + Workshops - Contact for $


WHAT topics are available?

  • Open Q and A
  • IEP Basics
  • Present Levels
  • Parent Input
  • Team Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • SMART Goals
  • Data Collection
  • Placement
  • MUCH MORE (Customized to your needs)

WHO can use these services?

  • Support Groups
  • Parent Organizations
  • Teachers and Administrators
  • Service Providers
  • Community Organizations
  • Anyone wanting more information in a group setting

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